WordPress Plugin Recommendation: Tawk.To Live Chat

There’s a pretty good plugin I would like to introduce today. It’s called “Tawk.To Live Chat”. It’s live chat with WordPress plugin and it had over 100,000 download. It’s absolutely FREE and let you to engage with website visitors as well as monitoring what page they are currently at. This feature can increase conversion for those who are about to place order but have enquiry.

This is the Twak.To Live Chat plugin and you can see it got good rating but the not very recent update. I’ve installed and tested which work well.

Firstly, they will ask you to register a FREE customer account in their website.

In order to connect your WordPress site with Tawk.to Plugin, you will need to login to authorise this connection.

Once it is setup, live chat will appear at your website and users can start texting you.

You can either login via their website to start the live chat process as well as some statistics can be found in their website.

Or the simply way is to download the iOS or Android app to live chat with your website users.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tawkto-live-chat/