WordPress Care


We make your WordPress faster, more secure, better performance and SEO friendly.

Why WP Care?

Faster Speed

All of our customers see a significant speed improvement from our optimised managed WordPress cloud hosting environment. Every second your website delay, it means 11% loss of page views and 7% reduction in conversion. Our WP Care plan speeds up the website, increases the page view and conversion to drive your website successes.

Safe & Secure With SSL

We understand safety and security are essential to your website, as well as your brand image. Therefore, we provides SSL, Malware Scan, Daily Back Up, etc. to minimise the risk of being hacked and maximise the security level of your website.

Better Google PageSpeed Score

Better Google PageSpeed score mean Google likes your site more as it’s their tool to justify your page speed after all. If Google likes you more, it means that you’ve implemented the best practice standard for Google and you’ll have better chance to be shown in top ranking of Google search result.

We can improve your website loading speed, reduce page size & http requests in order to achieve higher Google PageSpeed score & YSlow score. You can see below image that the first image show the score & detail before our optimisation and the score & detail improve significantly after our optimisation.

Improve page speed from 24.5s to 2.6s & reduce the HTTP request from 181 to 109.

Better Site Performance & SEO

Building a nice website is just the first step. Ensure its presence in google search result ranking is important. We meet the market standard for SEO to ensure your website to be found within month and maximise your chances for more keywords to be found. There are 200+ ranking signal in search engine and equip the market standard to let you rank better than regular website.

Our WordPress Care Plan contains:

  • Update WordPress Version and Plugins

    Keep theme and plugin up-dated to remain top performance and security level.
  • Daily Site Backups

    Restore the site if need and minimize the data loss
  • Database Optimization

    Reduce database system response time for faster website speed
  • SPAM & Revisions Cleanup

    Reduce the consumption of unnecessary resources in order to improve speed.
  • Security and Performance Scans

    Keep your website at top security and performance level.
  • Performance Optimization (Caching, CDN)

    Cache the page and enable the content distributed network to speed up the website content.

    Having an SSL ensures that the sensitive data of your website's visitors will be transferred over a secure network.
  • Email and Hotline Support

    Feel free to reach us through email or hotline if need.

We take care of your WordPress site.

Get in touch with us to know what would be best-fit WordPress solutions for you.