Digitalize your wholesale business

The goal of these examples is to setup a system for accepting new wholesale customers, assigning them to a specific user role, and allowing them to order from your store.

The first step to setting up your wholesale program is to define the terms and conditions for wholesale customers including sections defining the following:

  • How pricing works
  • What pricing do wholesalers get
  • Is there a minimum order
  • How is shipping charged and to whom
  • What payment methods and terms are accepted
  • What happens if products are damaged or have defects
  • How returns and exchanges are handled
  • What kind of marketing materials are provided to wholesalers
  • Any exclusions or limitations

Next, setup a way for people to apply to join your program via online application program.

After you’ve accepted their application, you can assign a wholesales role in your online ordering site with agreed discount as well as some of your products can set discount tier.

Since wholesales buyers are not normal buyer, they are well aware of their needs so that it’s better to present a simple order form for them to purchase faster than a regular eCommerce site where customer click on each product to ‘add to cart’.

Below is a screen cap of order form.

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