Amazon, WordPress, Google top trusted SMB brands

Top 10 Trusted SMB Brands

10. LinkedIn

9. PayPal

8. Square

7. FedEx

6. Instagram


4. Mailchimp

3. Google

2. WordPress

1. Amazon

Business owners love these 10 brands. What’s interesting is to consider the categories that make the top 10. In total, the 80+ brands currently included in our trust ratings are categorized across 22 different categories. Within the the top 10 brands, however, we only see a total of 6 categories represented.

– Digital Marketing: 40% (LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Amazon)

– Website: 10% (WordPress)

– Shipping Services: 10% (FedEx)

– Payments: 20% (PayPal, Square)

– Email Marketing: 10% (Mailchimp)

For business owners, those 5 categories are top of mind, with digital marketing leading the way, followed by payments, and website/shipping services/email marketing tied for third.

Alignable’s current SMB brand ratings include input from over 15,000 small and local business owners in North America across 80+ brands, including:

Source by Alignable